Open Seasonally
Mid-April through October 31

SPECIAL NOTE (6/12/20):
We are heartbroken to inform you that we have decided not to open this year.


Covid 19 has hit and there are so many uncertainties that go along with it.
- Can it be spread from human to farm animals?
- Can our animals host it and give it from one human to another?
- What happens if our animals contract it, can we take that chance of losing our herd?
- How would we wash each animal in between people holding, petting and feeding them? We canít!
- How can we sanitize the straw after people are in contact sitting on it? We canít!


We have a farm to take care of with animals other than the petting farm and crops to look after. We have to reduce the risk of getting sick ourselves.


So for the safety of our visiting classes, families, volunteers, and animals this is the best decision for us.
Stay safe everyone and we will miss you!


The LeCronier Family


Educational Farm Visits offering the opportunity to pet, feed and hold baby animals. Possibility of seeing live births.

Featuring sheep, goats, calves, pigs, chickens, kittens, bunnies, donkeys and more.

One FREE Animal Barrel Train ride with the purchase of every weekend child admission to the petting barn. One FREE cup of food to feed the animals with the purchase of weekend petting farm admission. Milk a wooden cow.